Project summary:

The PREPARE project aims to understand the risk COVID-19 poses for patients with blood cancers using information from participants from the RUDY study. The first wave of the project will focus on myeloma patients who have joined the RUDY study. The information collected will help healthcare professionals and patients work together to balance the potential risk of COVID-19 and blood cancer management appropriately.

We want to know:

  • Are blood cancer patients at greater risk of severe COVID-19 disease ?
  • Do blood cancer patient mount an immune response to COVID-19 and is this response sustained over time?
  • Do patients with blood cancer mount immunity with COVID-19 vaccination?
  • Should blood cancer treatment be altered to optimise COVID-19 vaccine immunity?


Blood Cancer UK Research Collaborative

Leader researcher:

Dr Karthik Ramasamy

Lead institution:

Oxford University Hospital

Vaccine type:


Recruitment for clinical trial open: