The global research community has made incredible progress in developing new vaccines to fight COVID-19, testing the body’s response to these vaccines and refining approaches to using them safely and effectively in the population.

UK scientists continue to play a vital role in these efforts and are working hard to deepen our understanding of topics as diverse as:

  • the effectiveness of vaccines in people with weakened immune systems
  • safety and effectiveness of vaccines in children
  • the effects of medications and health conditions on vaccine protection levels
  • the timing of booster doses and how this affects protection

The purpose of this site is to provide up-to-date information to researchers, policy makers and the public in order to promote awareness and support for the work being undertaken by UK research teams, and to help researchers find the funding, collaborations and ideas they need to help them to tackle key questions.

This site was created by the British Society for Immunology and is funded by UKRI via the National Core Studies programme.