This section provides information for government and policy makers about the contribution of UK researchers to the development and study of vaccines to fight COVID-19.

Research of all kinds has been hit hard by the pandemic, with much work being interrupted or delayed, and research teams needing to find new and faster ways of working, often in challenging and unfamiliar conditions. All this has happened at a time when scientific discovery has been more vital than ever, and under more pressure to make breakthroughs to safeguard populations across the globe.  

The UK research sector relies on sustained support, funding and infrastructure to maintain its position at the forefront of global research and innovation. In this section, you can find information about the contribution that UK scientists are making to the development and study of vaccines for COVID-19, and about the policy developments needed to ensure they can continue to play their critical role in global efforts to end the pandemic.

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How to respond to questions from the public about vaccines for COVID-19

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