EAVE II – Early Pandemic Evaluation and Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19

Project summary:

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with Public Health Scotland other partners, are using patient data across Scotland to track the COVID-19 pandemic and its affected across Scotland, as well as monitor the effectiveness of vaccines and other new treatments against it. Professor Aziz Sheikh, the EAVE II study lead, believes it forms a crucial element in overcoming the pandemic.

The EAVE II team has set up one of the first national-scale, individual-level, linked datasets in the world, allowing trained, approved researchers to understand more about the COVID-19 pandemic across the whole population, in near real-time.

The EAVE II cohort contains key information relevant to COVID-19 for all 5.4 million individuals registered with a general practice (GP) in Scotland from 23 February 2020 – approximately 98-99% of the Scottish population.

Outputs from EAVE II continue to inform policymakers, clinicians and the public on the benefits of interventions and the pandemic’s overall progress.


National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme, Medical Research Council, Scottish Government

Leader researcher:

Professor Aziz Sheikh

Lead institution:

Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh

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