Project summary:

COVIDENCE UK is a population-based longitudinal study of COVID-19 in the UK population, involving 20,000 people. The study was launched on 1 May 2020, and closed to recruitment on 6 October 2021. Follow-up is for five years. Participants complete a detailed baseline questionnaire capturing fine detail of potential risk factors for COVID-19 and determinants of vaccine immunogenicity. Thereafter they complete a monthly follow-up questionnaire which captures incident COVID-19 as well as incident long COVID, vaccines, details of incident serious adverse events and updated information on pertinent exposures. Dried blood spots were collected for 11,130 participants before and after the initial course of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, for determination of IgG/A/M anti-S antibodies. Post-booster blood spots were collected for an additional 400 participants for the same assay.


Barts Charity, Pharma Nord Ltd, the Fischer Family Trust, Dangoor Education, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd, the Karl R Pfleger Foundation, the AIM Foundation, Synergy Biologics Ltd, Thornton & Ross Ltd, Warburtons Ltd, Mr Matthew Isaacs (personal donation), and Hyphens Pharma Ltd.

Leader researcher:

Professor Adrian Martineau

Lead institution:

Queen Mary University of London

Vaccine type:


Recruitment for clinical trial open: