COVID-19 in Pregnancy (Preg-CoV)

Project summary:

This trial will compare vaccines that are currently being used for the UK vaccination programme, as well as new vaccines as they are approved, in low-risk pregnant women aged 18-45 years-old and between 13-34 weeks gestation.

Ongoing global studies so far have found that pregnant women are more likely to develop severe COVID-19 disease compared to non-pregnant women of the same age. Pregnant women who develop COVID-19 symptoms are two to three times more likely to have their baby early. Pregnant women with COVID-19 also have a higher mortality rate than pregnant women without COVID-19. For these reasons, the current UK guidance on immunisation is that COVID-19 vaccination should be offered to pregnant women at the same time as the rest of the population. However, further pregnancy-specific research is needed on COVID-19 vaccines. 

Lead institution:

St George's Vaccine Institute

Recruitment for clinical trial open: