Get involved in research

Research has already played a monumental role in tackling SARS-Cov-2 and reducing its devastating effects on global populations.

By responding quickly to the need to understand why some people become severely unwell, what treatments are effective, how transmission can be minimised and, of course, by designing and developing effective vaccines in record time, research teams have been at the forefront of the efforts to protect us all.  

There is still much to learn about the virus, particularly as new variants emerge, and research will continue to be vital in getting us back to normality.

Much research cannot happen without the involvement of people like you to help understand how well the vaccines are working, how we can best tackle emerging variants, how the immune system reacts to infection and responds to vaccination in a range of people, and to address many more urgent questions that are the key to winning the battle against COVID-19.

There are a variety of ways you can become involved in research, including:

  • You can search our directory of current COVID-19 vaccine trials to find out what projects are under way, which are recruiting participants, and how you might be able to become involved.
  • In addition, you can join the COVID-19 vaccine registry, which means you will be contacted about taking part in approved UK COVID-19 vaccine studies and other research.
  • If you are interested in research more broadly, you might be interested in NIHR evidence, which is a National Institute for Health Research initiative designed to make health and care research findings informative, accessible, relevant and ready to use by all.